The top designer and manufacturer of microwave and millimeter wave products.

We supply both active and passive components in a wide frequency range from DC to 110GHz all over the world. We provide a series of standard products to meet the needs of most customers Mean while we customize products according to special requirements.

Who We Are

RFLOGY is equipped with 67GHz vector network analyzers, signal sources, spectrum analyzers, power meters, oscilloscopes, welding platforms, resistance and voltage withstand test instruments, high and low temperature test systems and other research and development, production and testing equipments. Our products are designed and manufactured with the latest tools and the best quality materials.

Our engineers are keeping quality in mind through designing, manufacturing and testing. We are proud that many clients rated five stars in their feedback for product quality.

Our team comprised of professional microwave and millimeter wave engineers and specialized support staff. We take customer's needs as the first priority, as the success of our customers is also our success. We optimized design and manufacture processes by adding more flexibility, which helps to decrease lead time. Our management and service are customer oriented, ensuring to response to customer as soon as possible.